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Palavras dos nossos pacientes

Child's letter

"A ideia que tinha da acupunctura era de ineficácia, adquirida pela experiência da minha mãe. Sofro de renite/sinusite e dois otorrinos aconselharam-me a operação (que por diversas vezes adiei). No final de 2014 fui desafiada pela Ana White a experimentar 3 sessões. No final da 1ª sessão não queria acreditar nas melhoras e no final das 3 sessões não apresentava qualquer sintoma da doença. Posso afirmar que no meu caso foi um sucesso! Espero que com a continuidade dos tratamentos evitarei uma cirurgia complexa e com um pós-operatório doloroso." - Ana Catarina, 44

"I am very grateful to Ana for the difference she has made to my life. When I first went to see her I was in considerable discomfort and found difficulty in everyday tasks. As a result of her skills I have been able to return to ‘normal’. I have found Ana to be very hard working, with a professional approach and a warm personality. She has always shown the utmost care and consideration, endeavouring to ensure that I have derived the maximum benefit from my treatments. I am grateful to her and would have no hesitation in recommending her." - Susi, 58

"I see Ana on and off for stress – it really helps, gives me clarity and calm when I need it." - Simon, 40

"I originally came to Ana for treatment for hayfever and as a result have been almost symptom free this summer, but I was also getting very stressed and worrying irrationally in the run up to my wedding in September and have found the benefit of acupuncture massive, I'm much calmer and am sleeping a lot better and am now able to look forward to it rather than worrying about it! I have also been having ear acupuncture to help with my pre-wedding diet which has really helped with appetite and will power." - Chloe, 29

"My 18 month old daughter was suffering with teething and was picking up a lot of colds which resulted in her being very chesty and coughing at night so she didn't sleep well and had already been on quite a few courses of antibiotics. Since having treatment she has stopped wheezing at night, I haven’t had to take her to the doctor at all with chest infection symptoms and her childminder has commented on her behaviour as she is a lot calmer." - mother of Amaya, 18 months

"Acuabi was recommended to me as a possible solution for on-going issues I had with asthma, nasal congestion and stress. I was very sceptical at first, but by the third treatment I could really see positive changes. I found the environment relaxing and the Ana put me at ease and made sure I understood the treatments and was comfortable. I believe it was the hour I spent away from work once a week which helped combat my stress levels and I always left feeling positive and full of energy. The biggest impact the treatment had was on my asthma and nasal congestion. After a few treatments I found I was using my inhaler less and less, now to the point of possibly once a week. I can’t remember the last time I had a blocked nose and my sense of smell has improved considerably. I highly recommend the Ana at Acuabi. It is a very professional and informative practice with a great team set in relaxing and comfortable surroundings." - Steve, 37

Nota: Estes testemunhos são autênticos, de pacientes da Acuabi durante o período de 2010 a 2014 no Reino Unido, e por isso não poderem ser traduzidos.

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