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Pesquisas de acupunctura

Pedimos desculpa aos nossos pacientes, mas os seguintes estudos e pesquisas são os originais e encontram-se em inglês, faremos um esforço para que em breve o possamos traduzir para português.

The US National Institute of Health has research recommendations on various conditions with acupuncture treatment.

National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Resarch on acupuncture and lower back pain.

Research on acupuncture and osteoarthritis.

Complementary therapies:- What is the effectiveness of complementary therapies (acupuncture and hypnotherapy) for reducing the number of wet beds and improving self-esteem in children and young people who wet the bed, when they are used independently or in conjunction with conventional treatments? (link)

Is acupuncture effective in reducing alcohol consumption compared with standard care? (link)

World Health Organisation (WHO) - Organisação Mundial de Saúde

Many different conditions for which the WHO recognises that acupuncture is recommended (link).

Battlefield acupuncture

"Battlefield acupuncture," developed by Air Force physician Col. Richard Niemtzow, is helping heal soldiers with concussions so they can return more quickly to the front lines” - article and research paper (and update)

Fact sheets on the BAcC website

Research papers on the BAcC website

  1. Bronchial asthma and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  2. Substance abuse and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  3. HIV infection and traditional Chinese medicine: the evidence for effectiveness
  4. Acupuncture in pregnancy and labour: the evidence for effectiveness
  5. Menopause and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  6. Gynaecology and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  7. Arthritis and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  8. Stroke and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness
  9. Migraine and acupuncture: the evidence for effectiveness

Acupuncture news articles

Acupuncture has significant impact on mystery illnesses – Daily Telegraph, 30th May 2011

Debate continues over efficacy and safety of acupuncture – Taiwan News, 28th May 2011

An end to pain – Tehran Times, 19th May 2011

Have you heard? Acupuncture could help you get pregnant ... – Hemel Today, 4th May 2011

Scientists find acupuncture can help to relieve chronic back pain – Times, 12th May 2009

It works for me: acupuncture – Times, 24th February 2007

It's official: acupuncture really works – The Guardian, 1st May 2005

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